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Video Message from President

April 9, 2024

Hi good….me good!!

1st Reason.. We, the TAD board, have discussed, agreed, and acknowledged the three(3)letters and want to apologize to all TAD members as well as resolution & inactive issues. Resolution, we will need to discuss this together…who? You,the members, and board. Now, INACTIVE, we agreed that inactive is null and void, so, we are now back to ACTIVE.

2nd- We want to announce that we will have a special meeting and special election on June 15th.

Location and time with Zoom link will be announced later. We will send out an email of the AGENDA for the special meeting as time nears.

 3rd- Finance: We found one. The name of the business is "Sweeten, CPA" who will start working to review the financial documents after April 15th. We’re still making progress. 

Thank you  for your patience! 

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