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June: Vice President Vlog

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: TAD Vice President Tar is standing in front of a black and Blue backdrop. Tar is a male, with brown dreadlock hair, brown skinned with grey polo shirt.

Tar: Howdy, Texans! We would like to share our June monthly vlog and thank everyone for their patience and support. Here are 9 updates to share with y'all: 1. TAD Connect: We have established TAD's own Facebook group as a platform for all members and communities to share their ideas, suggestions, feedback, and concerns. Keep in mind, everyone is expected to follow TAD Connect's guidelines pinned at the top, as this helps improve transparency.

2. Vice President/Acting President Monthly Vlog: We are committed to submitting a monthly vlog to the public to maintain open communication and increase awareness of what is going on with TAD.

3. Board Meetings on the 3rd Sunday of Each Month at 2:00pm: We will hold these meetings via Zoom on schedule until December. The meetings will also be streamed on TAD Facebook Live and posted on TAD social media to keep everyone updated..

4. New Region II Representative & Alternative Region II Representative: The TAD Board has appointed Cody Littlepage as Region II Representative and Connie Sefcik as Alternate Region II Representative. Please give them a warm welcome to the team. We will also appoint another new board member in July.

5. Next Special General Meeting: This will be announced soon, likely between the last week of July and the first week of August. Keep an eye out for the announcement flyer. The focus will be on unfinished discussions from the previous special meeting on June 15, 2024.

6. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) & Email to all members: We apologize for not sending an email to all members immediately after the meeting due to exhaustion. We will send an email including our PowerPoint from June 15, 2024, the PowerPoint from SaveTxADNow (STN), a CPA letter, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and other documents shared during the special general meeting. Note that for the last 4 months, the CPA has been working on the past six years of our financials, which are outlined but not yet audited. These will be reviewed and audited by our current six appointed auditors, with a submission deadline of September 1, 2024. TAD's budget is currently frozen until September 1, 2024, to complete all financial reports.

7. Plan for 2024-2025: According to the TAD website, a checklist of tasks for Vice President Tar Burt has been posted. This is to communicate with the public about what we need to do.

8. Appointment of TAD's 3 Auditors and SaveTxADNow Auditors: We want to announcement that SaveTxadNow has chosen: 1. Steve Baldwin

2. Joanne Brininstool

3. Paul Rutowski

TAD has chosen: 1. Dana Stoddard

2. Mary Lacy

3. (To Be Announced)

The third auditor will be announced in July.

9. Bylaws Committee: We encourage everyone interested in joining the Bylaws Committee to visit the TAD website, go to the "Committee" page, and sign up. This committee is expected to start in August.

Thank you for your patience. That's all, folks!

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