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New Webmaster

VIDEO DESCRIPTION & TRANSCRIPT: Hispanic male shaved head with beard, blue collared shirt, gray background.

Joseph: Hello, my name is Joseph Lara, TAD’s new webmaster.

Before we go any further, we want to thank Eric Cardenas, our previous webmaster, for all his hard work with TAD’s website. Again, thank you!

As for TAD’s new administration, our vice president, Tar, has a goal to improve our transparency with members and others in the state of Texas.

I support his goal and want to align it with TAD’s website.

For now, I want to be transparent with you all about TAD’s website. I will start by familiarizing myself with TAD’s website. After that, I will focus on two things: functions and appearance.

Function: I will make sure that TAD’s website backend functions well and everything runs smoothly.

Appearance: I will make sure that each page of the website looks good and is easier for others to navigate.

Those two things are my goals, and they will not happen overnight. Please give us some time to complete these goals. Thank you!

I am very honored to be part of TAD’s organization to grow and make the website accessible for you all.

Again, thank you!

Joseph Lara

TAD’s Webmaster.

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2 commentaires

24 juin

Awesome! Welcome, Joseph!


21 juin

Thank you for this information. Joseph Lara set up the visual connections for the June 15 meeting in and kept people in the room and online connected in a beautiful way.

Your dedication is making a difference. Thank you.

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