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TAD Board Update: President position

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: TAD Vice President Tar is standing in front of a black backdrop. Tar is a male, with brown dreadlock hair, brown skinned with blue shirt.

Tar: Howdy, Texans! We need to make a vlog to announce some important updates. On behalf of the Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) Board, we are committed to improving transparency with our members and the community.

Recently, during a TAD Board meeting, we learned something important that we need to share with all members. As you know, our previous TAD President, Norma Callisto, submitted her resignation. Following this, the TAD Board voted and appointed Thomas Lee to assume the office of TAD President.

However, it turns out that this decision did not comply with the TAD Bylaws. According to Article 4.7, Duties of Office, the Board can appoint individuals to vacant positions except for the TAD President. Upon reviewing the duties of the Vice President, even though I, Tar Burt, cannot take over the President's position, I can still perform the duties of the Presidency. Therefore, TAD will continue without a President until the next state conference. During this time, I will be serving in both the Vice President and President roles.

It is crucial for me to communicate this to all of you. On behalf of the TAD Board, we deeply apologize for the misinformation regarding the TAD Bylaws, and we are saddened that our Bylaws do not recognize Thomas Lee as the TAD President. We, the TAD Board, pledge to do better moving forward.

From now until the next state conference, I am committed to maintaining transparency with all TAD members. We must explore various solutions to address the issues we are currently facing. Our aim is to resolve all these issues before the next state conference and the election of a new TAD President and board members.

To achieve this, I am dedicated to working closely with all TAD members to improve transparency, address concerns, and ensure that all voices are heard. The board must listen to our members and work together.

Additionally, we have released our TAD Membership list, which has been posted on our social media platforms for you to check out.

We will hold a TAD Special Meeting on June 15, 2024, in San Antonio and via Zoom. I will be leading this meeting. I ask for your unity and patience. I am eager to work with you and am willing to volunteer my time to fulfill both roles to the best of my ability. We must do better!

Thank you!

Tar Burt TAD Vice President

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